2004 PASS Race 11 -
AutoDealer Magazine 150
Speedway 95 - 8/21

Scott's white Dodge racer made it to Speedway 95 for the AutoDealer Magazine 150 that was moved to Sunday as rain hit the area. The motor had just come back on Wednesday night and the white #84 still had some damage from it's last run in the Banknorth 250 at Oxford. The motor had good power and the car was in good shape for 95.

Time trials saw Scott post the 16th fastest lap which placed him 2nd in the third heat. Scott pulled away from the pole sitter and eventual race winner) Scott Chubbuck for the heat win and a 13th position starting spot for the main event.

As the feature played out, Scott was running well on the low side - and was just about the only one who could. Scott worked his way up to fourth and missed a couple incidents that scrambled the field. But on a restart lap, Scott had a tire go down. The #84 slowed down in turn four and a bunch of cars stacked up behind him. Upon reentering the race, Scott was slammed again and had the steering rack break. Only 96 completed laps put the #84 in 21st place. Scott stands 9th in points.



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