2004 PASS Race 2 - Speedway 95 - April 25, 2004
Scott raced the #84 as usual while lending the second team car to Cassius Clark to run as the #8.
During Saturday's practice at Speedway 95,  Cassius' own car had lost the engine when the dry sump oil pump belt flew off as the pulley broke on the motor. Added to the snow, cold, wind, and hail, it did not make for a great day for Cassius.

Time trials saw Scott record a 14.864 for 8th and Cassius post a 14.857 for 6th - both solidly in the Dash. The redraw placed Scott in 3rd and Cassius in 8th with Johnny Clark and Travis Benjamin on the front row.  In the Dash Scott dropped one place to 4th while Cassius picked up one to be 7th.
Clark and Benjamin swapped places but remained in the front row.

At the start of the feature Johnny Clark moved into the lead as Scott and Cassius settled into the top eight. The flow of the race developed into the front group racing hard and fast while slower cars and lapped cars caused multiple cautions and took out several front runners. Scott ran in the top group the entire race.

Cassius just missed a spinning Dave Gorveatt in turn four but suffered damage in a later tangle and wound up 20th out of 26 starters.

Scott survived a couple of sideways moments (in front of Sam Sessions and then Rick Martin) and some pretty hard contacts when cars bobbled on restarts. As the laps wound down, Scott raced with Larry Gelinas in the #37 and took over 6th spot.

Scott in the 84

Cassius Clark in the 8

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