2004 PASS Race 7 -
Thompson 100 on 7/1

The PASS 100 at Thompson International Speedway on July 10th was a battle for survival - and unfortunately the #84 didn't survive.

Scot posted an impressive second place time of 19.748 in time trials - just a tick behind the 19.731 of Cassius Clark but ahead of the 19.755 of Rick Martin and the 19.766 of Larry Gelinas. The top four being within four one hundredths of a second certainly shows how tough the competition in PASS is in 2004.

The redraw for the dash moved the #84 to 10th and saw a dash finish of 9th.

As the yellow-filled feature began, Scott worked his way up thru the front runners and into the top four. Several restarts saw the #84 on the inside or outside of the second row.

At just about the mid point of the event, the last restart for the #84 turned into a massive wreck on the front stretch as the car outside Scott cut turned left him just before the starter's stand. About a dozen cars piled up half on the track and half on the dirt. Four cars were put out of the race, including the #84, while several more were slowed for the rest of the night by the damaged received.


The last restart for
the #84


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