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Second Place at White Mountain  - 4/17/05

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After a rocky start in Saturday's practice (a brand new motor lost after only 10 laps), The Cabin Fever 150 at White Mountain developed into a great beginning for the 2005 season for Scott and the #84. The #2 car came down out of the hauler ready to run and was quick by the end of Saturday's practice. A 12.406 second lap in time trials was sixth quickest - with Mike Rowe setting the pace at a 1.282. A low redraw for the Dash had Scott starting in 8th for the feature.

At the green Scott began to move right up in the runing order - 5th by lap eight, 4th by lap 15, and 3rd by lap 24. Ben Rowe also making his way to front got by Scott on lap 38 as the #84 slipped way high in turn three. After a mid-race series of cautions for a variety of tangles, including easy leader Mike Rowe getting caught out by a lapped car, Scott had dropped back to 7th on lap 90. Back in the groove, Scott was up to 4th on lap 95 and settling in for a long green run. As the track began to get oiled up by a lapped car around lap 130, Scott took to the high side and blasted by Mike Rowe on lap 142 and then Cassius Clark on lap 143 to take second. Right at leader Ben Rowe's bumper, Scott looked like he had a shot at the win.

"There was some oil on the bottom groove of the rack," said Scott. "They all started slipping and I just shot right by them."

Ben picked up on the better grip up high and pulled out a couple of car lengths to hold on for the win with Scott in second just ahead of Cassius in the #8.