5th Place at Thompson Int'l
Pro Stock Shootout - 5/15/05

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After a tough day Saturday which saw a trip into the wall after another competitor blew an engine, Mulkern Racing pulled their second car out of the hauler on a rain-threatening Sunday and  got to work. Scott ran fourteenth fastest in second practice and posted a 19.957 for fourteenth in time trials. To speed up the show and try to beat the rain, the Heats and Dash were eliminated and cars were gridded according to the time trials, with the first 10 redrawing for spots.

Starting on the seventh row, Scott had his work cut out for him and a very loose race car. Scott just escaped a multi-car wreck on lap 11 that left the cars in right in front and right behind him in a pile in turn one, some absolutely destroyed. Up to 8th by lap 50 (of 100 green plus 24 yellow laps for a total of 124), Scott moved to fifth by lap 61.

Challenged by the #33 of Richie Dearborn, Scott swapped 5th and 6th places until settling into 5th for good just six laps from the end.

As the rain drops came in the final laps, Scott was running right with Ben Rowe in the #00 and Corey Williams in the #47.