3rd Place at Canaan Fair Speedway
AFW Builders 150 - 5/28/05

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Scott battled to a third place finish at Canaan Fair Speedway in one of the best PASS races ever. The top cars ran nose to tail and swapped positions for the entire 150 laps.

Scott posted a 14.256 in time trials for the 14th spot. In Heat 2, the #84 took the lead at the green and never looked back, winning with a 1.6 second lead (which was a big gap compared to the how the cars ran in the feature). That placed Scott in 11th for the start of the 150 lap feature. As the flag fell, Scott was the man on the move and moved from 11th to 6th on lap 11, 4th on lap 19, 3rd on lap 28, a dip back to 5th, and then 2nd on lap 41. Battling with the #00 of Ben Rowe, Scott took the lead on laps 74 and 75. Ben moved into first on lap 76 and Scott had to deal with pole sitter Cassius Clark who had been running in second on lap 11 when he was pushed to the outside and ran out of road, dropping back to 13th position. Cassius worked his way up the order and moved by Scott on lap 84 but the top cars were running so close and so strong that anyone had a chance to take the win.  Scott was inside and outside, making moves on Cassius and holding off Johnny Clark and Donnie Whitten. A well earned 3rd.

Scott moves into third place in points: B. Rowe 656, C. Clark 654, S. Mulkern 648, and J. Clark 646.

Scott's last five PASS races (counting the last two in 2004) have been a great set of finishes: a win, 3rd, 2nd, 5th, and 3rd.