19th Place at Unity Raceway
Unity 250 - 6/19/05

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At one of his favorite tracks - with a win in the 104 in May of 2004 - Scott looked like he was going to have another good run, posting a fifth fastest lap in practice and running to a second in Heat 1 just .012 sec. behind Richie Dearborn. Starting from fifth, Scott settled in with the top ten fast cars and worked his way towards the front. The #84 was scored in third for laps 86 to 95 just before a stop in the pits dropped it back down to 16th.
Scott resumed side by side racing and worked back up to 7th and 8th.
The run ended on lap 172 with front wheel to front wheel contact between the #84 and the #53 of Alan Wilson, leaving Scott with a broken tie rod.
Scott completed two more laps at reduced speed and then discovered the car couldn't be steered off the track onto the pit access road. Crippled by the side of the access road, the #84 ended its day behind a wrecker.
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