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The New Riverside Speedway - Antigonish, NS
October 15th - 17th Place
550_2003847.jpg (35478 bytes)

The Fall Folliage 250 at The New Riverside Speedway in Antigonish, Nova Scotia was a frustrating event for Scott and the #84. The newly refurbished track is a high-banked roller coaster of a speedway that is a terrific place to race.

In Friday evening's time trials, Scott ran 8th fastest with a 13.959 compared to a 13.804 for the pole.  In the Dash, Scott placed 7th. With previous race winners placed at the back of the dash order, Scott started the 250 from 4th.

Before the rain came Saturday, Scott put in a ton of practice. Getting down to the 13.7s, the #84 then slipped into the 13.6s for the fastest time of the entire race weekend.

Sunday morning's warmup before the race revealed that the valve train was not happy and a motor change was necessary. Thanks to a lot of help from many folks - thanks below - the change was completed as the rest of the cars were on the front straight for a fans autograph session. The #84 was ready for it's starting spot just minutes before the race.

At the green, Scott settled in to run with the top four to six, the #84 running strongly. A mid race mandatory mid-race 10 minute pit break allowed adjustments and fresh tires. Back to racing and Scott was again in the lead pack. At lap 240, Scott was in 6th. But with only two to go, Scott was lightly into the turn one wall with a blown right front tire. Apparently the second engine was heavier than the first and the car had been bottoming out and wearing the front tire throughout the race. Scott was scored in 17th.

THANKS.gif (4464 bytes)
A BIG Thank You to:

Caesar Morgan and Ben Rowe - RMR Racing #4
Seth Holbrook - SP2 Motorsports #24
Bobby Clark - Johnny Clark Motorsports #54
Joey Davis - Cushman Competition #29
Billy Clark and Ed Chapman - Chapman Race Team #8
Bill Hill and Mike - Northern Race Tire

for all their help and support during the

unexpected Motor change prior to the race!

PS - We hope we didn't forget anybody!!!
84-1000-DSC_4385.jpg (99865 bytes)
Friday Time Trials
1000-DSC_5005.jpg (242810 bytes) 1000-DSC_4981.jpg (163620 bytes)
Engine Change as
Cars are on the Grid
600-DSC_8269.jpg (133823 bytes) 600-DSC_8263.jpg (83277 bytes) 1000-DSC_8262.jpg (184533 bytes)
1000-DSC_5116.jpg (148205 bytes) 1000_2003006.jpg (132187 bytes) 1000_2003847.jpg (94924 bytes)
1000-DSC_5651.jpg (177543 bytes)
Lap 125 Break for
tires and adjustments
600-DSC_5658.jpg (111869 bytes) 1000-DSC_5672.jpg (138930 bytes)
1000_2005015.jpg (183739 bytes) 1000_2005379.jpg (120012 bytes) 1000_2005685.jpg (194640 bytes)
1000_2005714.jpg (160342 bytes) 600-DSC_6047.jpg (186081 bytes)

PASS-B-9-30-400-WEEKEND.gif (23365 bytes)

550-DSC_7999.jpg (40221 bytes)

3rd for Scott in the 300
Scott's remarkable run through the pack took the #84 from 31st to 3rd and a visit to Victory Lane at Beech Ridge. Placed at the back of the grid in 31st for the miscue of an unauthorized practice day, Scott had a long race ahead that was going to take a lot of patience at a track where passing is tough.

In the Big Wreck on lap 11, Scott slid up into the mess of cars wrecked into the main straight wall but luckily escaped with minor fender damage.

Scott started a steady progression up towards the front. Scott never went a lap down and did not have to use a Lucky Dog free pass. Just drove hard and steady.

A clean race and a fast car as the race wound done produced a great finish.

to Billy Clark, Chapman Racing Team,  and Bobby Timmons for their support and help during the weekend and on pit road!

speed51 smaller pass north leftovers.gif (10346 bytes)



600-DSC_7858.jpg (88877 bytes) 1000_2008324.jpg (72231 bytes) 1000_2008326.jpg (59912 bytes)
1000_2008342.jpg (112566 bytes) 1000_2008358.jpg (83202 bytes) 1000_2008464.jpg (121949 bytes)
1000_2008696.jpg (131771 bytes) 1000_2008871.jpg (100765 bytes) 1000_2009104.jpg (121676 bytes)
1000_2009107.jpg (79458 bytes) 1000-DSC_7997.jpg (136758 bytes) 1000-DSC_7999.jpg (109200 bytes)
600H_2009315.jpg (125129 bytes) 399-64RPM_3012.jpg (55009 bytes)
Photo by Chris Roy

550_2006721.jpg (31163 bytes)

Rain once again has been a major complication in a PASS race event. Saturday the 23rd was an entire washout so qualifying heats for the PASS 300 lapper at Beech Ridge were moved to Sunday the 24th. Then more rain came and the consis have been moved to Friday the 29th and the feature to Saturday the 30th.

Scott ran in Heat #3 and finished nicely in 4th place for a transfer to the feature without any additional qualifying necessary.

1000_2006721.jpg (89016 bytes) 1000_2006761.jpg (83912 bytes) 1000_2006804.jpg (117641 bytes)

fan_4.gif (35512 bytes)

550-DSC_1417.jpg (32166 bytes)

4th Place for Scott
at the TD Banknorth 250

A clean run in the TD Banknorth Oxford 250 for Scott was rewarded with a fantastic fourth place finish. Fighting to stay on top of a loose car in Heat 4, Scott was thankful to have moved up into third spot to earn a qualifying berth for the 250. The #84 had better balance for the feature, and Scott spent some time running the outside groove and taking it easy on the tires. Scott started 16th, was up to third spot on the scoreboard by lap 66, and had moved up to second behind Scott Chubbuck #29 (above) when the #29 had the lead for laps 111-115. Runing fifth on lap 121 and then taking a stop for fresh tires, Scott was back to 4th on lap 161. As the race ran caution free for the final 90 laps, Scott lost the spot to a charging Travis Benjamin in the #17, but took it back in the last dozen laps for a great "250" finish.

600-DSC_1215.jpg (38074 bytes) 600-DSC_1216.jpg (98041 bytes) 1000-DSC_1417.jpg (89402 bytes)
1000-DSC_1443.jpg (113719 bytes) 1000-DSC_1455.jpg (132377 bytes)

250-PASS-North-Logo-copy.jpg (15287 bytes)
Thompson - July 13th - 23rd Place
& Kenny Wallace in the 84w - 3rd
550_2003029.jpg (52645 bytes)

Having Nextel Cup and Busch South star Kenny Wallace in the Mulkern #84w certainly added to the adventure of the visit to Thompson Int'l Speedway in Connecticut on a Thursday night for a short 75 lap sprint. It was Nextel Driver's Night at Thompson and Kenny and Jimmy Spencer were the stars for the evening. With a style of his own, Kenny lightened the mood in the pits as he settled in the #84w (was that a question about a 9300 rpm redline that has Scott wincing in the second row shot below?).

The heats went well for the Community Pharmacies cars with a second for Kenny in the first heat and a third for Scott in the second heat.

The feature did not go quite so well for Scott as he was knocked off track and into the concrete blocks on the left side of the back straight on lap 10, to become the first car out of the car. After waiting for the cars to come around again, Scott indicated his displeasure with one Mr. Spencer.

The #84w with Wallace ran in the top five for the entire race after leading a few early laps. Towards the end, Wallace was right on the bumper of the leading car of Cassius Clark. The final spot for the #84w was a solid third.

1000-DSC_6519.jpg (163340 bytes) 600-DSC_6457.jpg (76851 bytes) 600_2003737.jpg (88432 bytes) 1000-DSC_6500.jpg (163877 bytes)
1000_2003029.jpg (133772 bytes) 600_2003017.jpg (115931 bytes) 1000_2003129.jpg (85508 bytes) 1000_2003598.jpg (100086 bytes)
1000_2003602.jpg (72836 bytes) 1000_2003804.jpg (87041 bytes) 1000_2003828.jpg (153446 bytes) 1000-DSC_6538.jpg (63628 bytes)
1000-DSC_6589.jpg (79934 bytes) 1000-DSC_6616.jpg (69130 bytes) 1000-DSC_6661.jpg (116535 bytes) 800-DSC_6662.jpg (39633 bytes)
Jimmy Spencer & Kenny Wallace (in the
Mulkern Racing #84) Enter 7/12 PASS Race

(Naples, ME – June 28, 2006) On NEXTEL Fan Night on July 12th at Thompson International Speedway, E. Thompson, CT, NASCAR stars Jimmy Spencer and Kenny Wallace will be joining the PASS North Super Late Model Series stars in the 75 green-flag lap race.

Wallace will be piloting the Mulkern Racing, Community Pharmacies, American Racers, Sunoco Fuels sponsored Dodge, and Spencer will be in a car to be named shortly. Spencer may have a leg up on Wallace because he has hundreds of laps around the high-banked 5/8-mile in NASCAR Modifieds on his way to the 1986 NASCAR Modified Tour Championship, but any car prepared by Scott Mulkern car is no slouch. If you remember, it was Scott in the Community Pharmacies #84 that won the Octoberfest race at Thompson on October 2, 2004. So, we shouldn’t worry about Kenny to much.

In addition, NASCAR’s Speed Television host John Roberts will be on hand to call all the action. This is not a two car match race. Both Spencer and Wallace will qualify against the 50 or so Super Late Model/Pro Stock drivers from throughout the Northeast and Canada expected to attempt to qualify.

PASS-OXFORD-7-1.gif (22728 bytes)

550_2000736.jpg (41693 bytes)

Oxford Plains - July 1st - 4th Place

Scott's return to a PASS North event was rewarded with a hard fought 4th place finish. In one of the most competitive PASS races ever, Scott worked his way from a mid-field starting position into the top four, battling Patrick Laperle, Travis Khiel, and Scott Chubbuck. No power steering  due to a failed fitting or hose, left Scott trying a varity of lines to both find some grip and make the steering a bit easier. At the checkers Chubbuck in the #29 held onto third by just a few inches over the charging #84.

1000-DSC_5381.jpg (121528 bytes) 1000-DSC_5468.jpg (140387 bytes) 1000-DSC_5574.jpg (134768 bytes)
1000_2000736.jpg (106987 bytes) 800-DSC_5728.jpg (82719 bytes) 1000_2000760.jpg (70995 bytes)

200web-PASS-South-Logo-copy.jpg (11455 bytes)

550-DSC00195.jpg (46568 bytes)

Scott 6th at the Big Dawg Southern Sizzler 150 - Sunday, May 21st.
Scott started sixth after posting a 6th in the Dash of the top eight fastest. Scott had his hands full with the front end sliding the entire race. Nice facility and a fun place to race.
Med Black Bullet.gif (1802 bytes)Kenley Race Story, Results, & Photos
THANKS.gif (4464 bytes)
for you help at Kenley!
Jerry Babb - Jason Ricker - Allison Frost
1000-DSC00385.jpg (132094 bytes) 800-DSC00238.jpg (116267 bytes) 1000-DSC00195.jpg (132679 bytes)

small51.jpg (2255 bytes)

By Jeremy Troiano
Jones Impressive, Rogers Loses Power, Lawler Good Again


Freddie Query Wins
Over Clay Jones

1. Freddie Query
2. Clay Jones
3. Mike Rowe
4. Ryan Lawler
5. Charlie Bradberry
6. Scott Mulkern
7. Preston Peltier
8. Dennis Schoenfeld
9. Ted Musgrave Jr.
10. Ricky Marshall
11. Dean Clattenburg
12. Chris Dunn
13. Travis Benjamin
14. Eddie Massengill
15. Tim Nooner
16. John Batten
17. David Clark
18. Landon Cassill
19. Greg Boone
20. Alex Fleming
21. Clay Rogers
22. Chris Bowers
23. Travis Kittleson

wfmx subway 24.gif (4820 bytes)
Fourth Place
500_NM24841.jpg (35095 bytes)

THANKS.gif (4464 bytes)
for you help at Hickory!
Jerry Babb - Melody Beckwith - Jason Ricker

After winning the second heat and starting the feature in 10th, Scott worked his way to the front and powered around Chuck Barnes in the #55 and into the lead. Contact with the #92 of Jason Hogan sent the #92 into the wall but a post race talk worked it out.  With thirty-five to go, Scott spun his tires on a restart, got bumped from behind, and dropped to the tail of the field. Scott then charged forward taking fourth from Ryan Lawler in the #31 in the last several laps.  Full Results at the PASS website.

small51.jpg (2255 bytes)
Easter Bunny 150 Race Report   

Bunny 150 Leftovers
T - Lead Story

"Scott Mulkern finished fourth with his #84 car.  Getting there was a long road."

“I buzzed the tires on one of the restarts where I was second and racing with Chuck. Once the tires get warm, you need to back off and let the tires cool down,” said Mulkern. “After that happened, I told my guys that I was loose. I knew better, but in the heat of the moment, we came in and took a spring rubber out. That tightened me up and I think that I could have possibly gotten to third if we left it alone. But I was happy finishing fourth.”

800-DSC_9024.jpg (89746 bytes) 800-DSC_9046.jpg (121296 bytes) 800_NM23286.jpg (107301 bytes)
800_NM23893.jpg (74472 bytes) 800_NM23849.jpg (145341 bytes) 600_NM23872.jpg (95399 bytes)
800-DSC_9057.jpg (130778 bytes) 800_NM23867.jpg (130033 bytes) 800-IMG_1538.jpg (165835 bytes)
Glen Davis Photo
800_NM23955.jpg (129676 bytes) 800_NM23962.jpg (139087 bytes) 800_NLM4699.jpg (69724 bytes)
900_NLM4716.jpg (85346 bytes) 800_NLM4724.jpg (77719 bytes) 1000_NLM4731.jpg (123797 bytes)
800_NM24534.jpg (138945 bytes) 800_NM24461.jpg (143845 bytes) 800_NM24593.jpg (166762 bytes)
800_NM24420.jpg (154463 bytes) 800_NM24643.jpg (128747 bytes) 1000-DSC_9119.jpg (136678 bytes)
1000-DSC_9120.jpg (88616 bytes) 800-DSC_9128.jpg (74715 bytes) 800-DSC_9142.jpg (89984 bytes)
1000-DSC_9146.jpg (166261 bytes) 800_NM24723.jpg (60623 bytes) 800_NM24769.jpg (78253 bytes)
800_NM24771.jpg (78535 bytes) 800_NM24780.jpg (62490 bytes) 1000-IMG_1863.jpg (133148 bytes)
Glen Davis Photo
1000-IMG_1904.jpg (85013 bytes)
Glen Davis Photo
1000_NM24795.jpg (104643 bytes) 1000-IMG_1916.jpg (95892 bytes)
Glen Davis Photo
800_NM24807.jpg (68863 bytes) 800_NM24808.jpg (65151 bytes) 800_NM24818.jpg (67718 bytes)
1000-_NM24841.jpg (101388 bytes) 1000_NM24853.jpg (78912 bytes)
200web-PASS-South-Logo-copy.jpg (11455 bytes) WHO’S COMING TO HICKORY...
The PASS South era is about to begin.  The April 15th Easter Bunny 150 at Hickory Motor Speedway will attract some of the best Super Late Model drivers in the South with Freddie Query, Jason Hogan, Travis Kittleson and Jay Middleton all entered for the event.
There will be a Northern invasion of sorts too.  Mike Rowe, Scott Mulkern and Corey Williams have also confirmed that they will be headed South for the event.  Travis Benjamin is a strong possibility to attend and word on the street is that Cassius Clark and may be going as well. 
Full Speed51 Story

PASS-SCARB-SHOW-V2.gif (39808 bytes)

wpeA.jpg (7508 bytes)

wpeC.jpg (11690 bytes)

800-Nashville-03061-(2).jpg (147740 bytes) 800-Nashville-03061.jpg (130728 bytes) 800-Nashville-03061-(4).jpg (73824 bytes)
800-Nashville-03061-(7).jpg (118486 bytes) 800-Nashville-03061-(9).jpg (105011 bytes) 800-Nashville-03061-(13).jpg (89444 bytes)
Race Photo 1 Race Photo 2


Race Notes from Vickie Mulkern:

"Just back from Nashville. It was COLD!

Scott did a great job qualifying 10th out of 53 cars! He raced in up front until the second caution. They required a mandatory pit stop in the race, but you could not change tires. His car was a little loose in the middle and off the corner, so they made an adjustment and filled it with fuel. All but 5 cars pitted, and Scott came out in 21st.

"There was a caution at the drop of the green at lap 27, and Scott slowed up for it. The #84 got run into and spun into the turn one wall. After the crew checked the car over on pit road, Scott ended up parking it. The rear end was pushed over about 3 inches, and the Panhard bar was broken.
Contrary to the results listing on the CRA website, the #84 was not having any engine problems. 

Scott did a great job! It is an interesting place. The backstretch is about 20 feet higher than the front stretch. VERY banked corners. Great for spectators. Can't wait to get back to Nashville to do some sight seeing.

A Special Thanks to Tony Ricci, Jay Cushman and Scott Chubbuck for all their help and going to Nashville with us!"

Scott's next race will be April 15th at historic Hickory Motor Speedway in Newton, NC for 150 green-flag laps of racing action in the new PASS SOUTHERN SERIES!

small51.jpg (2255 bytes)
CRA / ASA LM NOTES: FRIDAY   By Jeremy Troiano & Matt Kentfield

Full Story HERE

CRA Super Series to Open Season March 18

Top Three Finishers Guaranteed Starts in CRA Sanctioned
All American 400 in November

Nashville, TN – Officials from the Champion Racing Association (CRA) Super Series and Music City Motorplex in Nashville recently announced that the CRA Super Series would open its’ 10th Anniversary season at the historic fairgrounds facility on Saturday March 18th.

The one-day “All American 150” event features a $5,000 to win, $600 to start purse for 36 starting positions and a 4 tire limit. As an added
bonus, the top 3 finishers from the March race are guaranteed to be additional starters, if necessary, in theCRA sanctioned 24th All American 400 in November.

“We are really looking forward to having the CRA Super Series kick their season off here in Nashville,” commented Music City Motorplex G.M. Jack Deery. “The CRA staff, cars and stars have been a major leader in the resurgence of the All American 400. To start the 2006 season with their 10th Anniversary event opener is a natural tie-in. We again expect a great contingency of cars from the South and North, as 32 starting positions for this race are open to all racers, regardless of their normal affiliation. With the top three finishers getting the added bonus of being guaranteed as additional starters in the All American, this race is a “must do” for fans and racers alike. Springtime racing in Nashville will definitely be exciting.”

This will be the first time in the history of the CRA Super Series that the season will kick off anywhere other than Anderson Speedway. The previous nine seasons have all opened at the equally legendary -mile high-banked facility in Anderson, Indiana.

“Nashville is one of the few places that we would have considered putting in front of the traditional season opening event in Anderson,” stated CRA Series Director Glenn Luckett, “so it was pretty special when it all came together. Anderson Speedway owner Rick Dawson has been a great supporter of the series, having been one of its founders, so he was quick to
get behind the Nashville idea, and realized the excitement it would bring to his event in April. The excitement from the 2005 All American is extending to different parts of the country.”

The 2005 All-American 400 Weekend at Music City Motorplex had 74 entries, with 70 Super Late Model teams taking part in the weekend activities. Jason Hogan bested an incredible field of Super Late Model drivers with his victory in the event that saw as many as 20 different drivers having had legitimate shots at a victory during the race. 69 teams were left to watch Hogan strum his traditional guitar-trophy in victory lane, looking forward to another opportunity to claim the treasured guitar in 2006.

In addition to the CRA Super Series 150-lap event on March 18th, fans will also get to see a 150- lap ASA Late Model feature.

550-DSC00293.jpg (88945 bytes)


An up and down race weekend in Lakeland, FL for Mulkern Racng. Scott  posted the 35th practice time on Thursday then shot to the front of bunch with the 2nd fastest practice time on Fraiday.

A great time trial run to 5th spot, which converted to a 4th place on the grid for the North 100 after inversion of top 8.

Duirng the North 100 qualifying event, the #84 was sent to the rear after contact while passing for 2nd place (while running with a broken shock too). Then a lifter broke and wiped out the cam in the motor. Done for the weekend after only 20 laps of qualifying.

Mulkern Racing would like to thank the following crew members for taking the time to travel with us and support our effort in Lakeland: Tony Ricci, Chad Dow, Brian and Hillary Whitney, Ron Nason, Dale Shaw, DJ Shaw, and Johnny Clark. 

wpe7.jpg (2249 bytes)

Speed51 followup Northern Exposure Story on Scott HERE

Scott and the #84 are entered in Speedfest 2006 at USA Int'l Speedway on the 27th and 28th of January. Scott is hauling down Cassius Clark and the Chapman Racing #8 Super Late Model too.
SPEEDFEST 2006 - USA Speedway - Jan. 26 to 28

FASCAR / CRA / PASS Super Late Models

Thursday, Jan. 26th - First Practice Times HERE
Scott is 35th with a 21.581.  Cassius is 18th with a 21.393.

Friday, Jan. 27th - Qualifying Results HERE
Scott is 4th after inversion of the top 8. Cassius is 19th.

Friday, Jan. 27th - North 100 Race Results HERE
Speed51 North 100 Race Report HERE
Scott is 15th, after breaking a pushrod and completing only 20 laps.
Cassius places 9th, completing all 104 laps (after the race finished with a green/white/checker).

Speed51 SpeedFest Friday and Saturday AM Notes - HERE

Saturday, Jan. 28th - SpeedFest 200 Lineup - HERE
Scott a DNS. Cassius in 15th.

Saturday, Jan. 28th - SpeedFest 200 Finishing Results - HERE
Cassius places 9th - on the lead lap.

550-DSC00295.jpg (52761 bytes)

(Lakeland, FL - Track PR) – Officials from the Midwest-based Champion Racing Association (CRA) Super Series, the Southern-based FASCAR/Sunbelt Super Series and USA International Speedway in Lakeland, Florida have just released the details for the 2006 Super Late Model “SpeedFest”.   Super Late Model teams and fans will gather at USA International Speedway January 26-28, 2006 for the second installment of the “North vs. South” battle at the renowned Florida facility.


In January of 2005, 60 teams took part in the first “SpeedFest” that brought all the different teams and sanctioning bodies together.  The first 100-lap event was one by Florida’s Mike Fritts, while Wisconsin’s Charlie Menard won the Mark III Conversions 200-lap finale.


Inside the recently released 2006 rules/entry form, teams will find that the overall purse has been increased for the 2006 event, with the winner taking home over $10,000.   Teams will also find that the schedule of events has one less day in it and an easy to understand format.  Teams will enter the grounds for technical inspection and open practice on Thursday January 26th, then qualify on Friday for one of the Twin 100 qualifiers.  Nashville will be the geographic dividing line for determining who runs in the South qualifier and who runs in the North Qualifier.  The top 10 cars from Friday’s North 100 and the top 10 cars from Friday’s South 100 will be locked into Saturday’s SpeedFest 200 finale.  In all, a minimum of 36 cars will take the green flag for the 200 Lap finale on Saturday, while all cars will run a feature on Friday.


“The 2005 SpeedFest was a great event for our facility and fans as well as the Late Model teams,” noted USA International Speedway promoter Bill Martino.  “It was a true battle of North vs. South, like we had envisioned, and I believe everyone went away thinking it was truly a great event.  We knew right then that we would come back and do it again… and even better.”


The event will be under the direction of CRA’s Glenn Luckett and R. J. Scott and FASCAR’s Don Nerone. The series’ will also be co-promoting the event with the speedway. While the on-track activities will be directed by these sanctioning bodies, officials want to be very clear that this is an “open” event and that a minimum of 32 starting spots are open to all teams regardless of sanctioning body affiliation.  Bonus dollars are available to the top finishing CRA and Sunbelt teams, as well as all other non affiliated cars, which will be battling for bonus dollars in their own pool.


For rules, entry form, purse, and format questions, downloads will be available at:  www.craracing.net, www.fascar.org, or www.usaspeedway.com.

450-dirtschoolTop.jpg (32551 bytes)
550-Scott-DIRT-School.jpg (88540 bytes)

Over the past year, Scott's interest in DIRT Latemodels took him to a few
races where he met some of the key participants. Mark and Josh Richards (Rocket Chassis), Billy Moyer (World of Outlaws DIRT Late Model 2005 Champion) and Dale McDowell.

Dale runs a driving school during his "free time" (for those of you familiar
with the World of Outlaws schedule, days off are few and far between) with
fellow driver Ray Cook. You can check his impressive resume at
www.DaleMcDowell.com. Scott attended his class last November at the North Georgia Speedway to see what these cars were like to drive.

Scott had an impressive run. He was the only asphalt driver in the group of
15 or so. The asphalt experience proved to be helpful when determining the
quick way around the track. Apparently, straight and smooth will set you up to be faster at the end of a race and helps to prevent your tires from wearing
out too quickly which is KEY in the world of DIRT racing. Scott is anxious to
give it another try and hopes to hook up with Dale sometime in the near future for an advanced lesson.

PASS Starts the Season at Augusta Expo

350-18th_Expo_logo450.jpg (30959 bytes)

550-DSC_3236.jpg (73798 bytes)
Scott with Mike Rowe at Expo autograph signing at PASS booth